Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring Break Ick-Sick

Last Thursday, a whole week ago, after the early morning run I felt great. It was Spring Break, and oh so nice to actually be able to get a coffee with the TRIgirls, since I didn't have to rush home. But later in the day I felt bad and had chills and a fever. And by Friday night I was really ill, so much so that I cancelled my date with Mr. Preschool even though we had a free sitter -- my mom.
Friday I felt OK, good enough to help the kids through Stu's World Wide Triathlon. Saturday I felt OK, at least in the morning. Good enough for 2 loops at West Creek in the cold. And luckily, we still had a free sitter in town so I got to ride with Mr. Preschool for the first time in many years! We both agree it was the best part of spring break.
Anyway, I limped through the rest of the week, but by Tuesday night had a full on ear infection, migrane, pink eye, sore throat, cough and general feeling that I'd be lucky if I made it into daylight ever again. A quick trip to the doctor and a Zpak later, I'm feeling much better. All of my aches and pains have been replaced by a stomach ache from the medicine.

So, I think for the Monument Avenue 10K I'll be better enough to race, but not 100 percent. I'm hoping with a few more days and lots of water, I'll be good as new. Then back in the pool!

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Tri to Be Funny said...

God Bless the Z-Pack! It's pulled me through more than once!! Feel better...