Sunday, March 30, 2008

Simply Stu's World Wide Triathlon

On Friday, the kids participated in Simply Stu's World Wide Triathlon. It was a first triathlon for both, so it was all about them. We started with body marking. Daisy had 8's all over and her USAT age is 8 too. I let them choose their numbers and this is her favorite she says becuase if you turn it sideways, it means infinity. Redfish, chose 6. I guess that is how old he thinks he is.
We actually did the TRI in reverse order, but for the sake of avoiding confusion, I'm going to list the times in swim, bike, run order.

Daisy: 100 meters: 8.23
Redfish (with dad helping) 50 meters: 3.35

10 blocks: 42.32 (Dad carried the bigwheel for Redfish the last block)

Daisy: 1K 9.25
Redfish: .5K 6

Daisy: 59.8
Redfish: 52.07

I have to say, I wasn't very specific on the timing. I didn't do a transition split between the bike and the run (so that one is included in the time). On the other hand, I didn't count driving to the YMCA to get to the pool in a transition time either. Actu
The kids had fun. And slept well that night. When we do this next year, I'm going to do a few things differently.
1. I'm going to set it up more like a real race if I can with transition areas and a true finish line, and have them race in the correct order. This might be difficult logisitically, since There is not a great place to bike from the YMCA we go to, but I'll have to figure out something.
2. I'm going to involve more of their friends and make it more of a community event.
3. I'm going to hand-make some medals of sorts and also include water stops. I am such a cruel forgetful mother -- I forgot to pack water on the bike and run!!! OK, I'll never make it as a race director! My kids were good sports though, and got water when we finished.

I'm also sorry to say that I may have signed Daisy up for her first real race a bit prematurely. I think I over estimated her biking ability. We've got alot of work to do. Her bike is steel and it is so heavy that with the training wheels she has trouble getting it to go up the slightest hill becuase of the weight and the drag of the training wheel. I actually had to help push her back to help her get up the hills!
The PowerKids Tri is May 31st. We need to get her much more confident on her bike and in the water by then, or I'm worried she'll have a bad first race. Help! Ideas anyone?


Nancy Toby said...

That's so great! Congratulations, kids! What great parents you have!!

I think some regular bike ride should help with the Powerkids tri - kids adapt so fast! She will do great!!

Jade Lady said...

Wow, your kids are awesome, and you're awesome for supporting them!

This weekend, I tri'd to get my daughter to do the race, but she wasn't in the mood at all! So, I didn't push it. Maybe next year!

TriGirl 40 said...

Congrats to Daisy and Redfish on their triathlon debut! What an amazing experience you've created for them! Loved the pictures, too.

SusieQ said...

Such a cute picture of the kiddos preparing to enter the pool. :)