Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just One More Reason I Love Blogs...They Can Help Little Kids with Leukemia Not Feel as Alone

This is just a little shout out to Mr. Preschool.

Recently, one of his favorite students was diagnosed with Leukemia. When he found out that she had been playing school at home and missing her classmates terribly, he made a classroom blog. Now, the class can send her videos, photos and messages each day. And she can log on anytime she wants to look at her classmates, post messages to them and say hi. It not the same as being in a real class with them, but maybe it's the next best thing.

Considering she lives in the Projects, she is very lucky she has Internet at home. And she is very lucky she had persistent teachers and parents who didn't listen to the doctors who said her leg pain was normal. She is very lucky they caught it early and that she has such a great cancer center right here in downtown Richmond. She is also very lucky she has Mr. Preschool for her teacher. Because you can make sure she won't feel forgotten. And if he can bring the classroom to her -- he will.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Missing You

It has been one week since my last post. Jeez, I feel like I'm at confession.
I've been working my ass off at the Near West End News, well today at least. And, well, the truth is, I've been kinda sick. I'm not sure what is wrong with me. I've made reference to it before on this site, but until I get the OK from the doctors, I'm not working out. I hate not knowing what is wrong with me. I wish it would just go away.

So, I guess becuase of this, I don't have much to say in the world of triathlon, except: I miss you baby. I miss workouts. I miss TRIgirls. And all of a sudden things seem incredibly tough.
Hmmm. Couldn't all be related, could it?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My Decorations

Little Redfish and I were laying in bed the other day, snuggling.
"What are those things on your tummy Mama?" he said.
"What things?" I said as I pulled down the part of my shirt that had inched its way up.
"You know," he says sticking his little fingers on my belly. "Your decorations!"
"Oh those!" I say. "Those are called stretch marks Sweetie!"

"What are those things on your arms Mama?" he says as he runs his finger on the inside of my upper arm. You know the place, right were it flaps around when you run and you pretend not to hear it. And then you say to yourself, well it's OK your arms make that sound when your running because at least you ARE running.
"Oh, honey, you mean my decorations?" I say.
"Those aren't decorations, Mama!"
You just can't win with a 3 year old!