Friday, April 04, 2008

Congratulations to TriSarahTops Team Evotri's Newest Member

Congratulations to Sarah, who won Evotri's second, Making the Team contest. She had a great idea to help kid connect thru a kids triathlon blog. I know she'll make a great addition to Team Evotri.
On another note, I am happy to say that today I was back in the pool. Yay! I swam for 90 minutes straight, only stopping to fix my goggles and take a sip of water. I felt like I kept a good pace and that I could have gone for alot longer if It was race day. I wasn't really tired when I was done, but just a little water-logged. The Y has a rule you can only use the daycare for 2 hours, so I figured I'd better go get Redfish before they started wondering about me. Also, an official training schedule is coming from Coach G, so soon I'll be able to be more confident that the training I'm doing Is the training I NEED to be doing.
Mostly I'm just happy to say that my Z-Pack is still working. Speaking of which, I need to go grab my pill for today. ON to a WET and soggy, sleety Monument 10K tomorrow. Hmmm, maybe all of this swiming will come in handy.

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