Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Potomac Videogame-Simulator-Job River

This is the weirdest typo I've ever seen. It came to me in an email from USAT regarding the new partnership between The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Nation's Triathlon that was announced today. Perhaps alluding to bloggers concerns that in it's first year the organizers of the The Nations Triathlon race never intended to really let folks swim in the Potomac River. I have no idea if that is true, but last year, the swim went off without a hitch. Anyway, here it is. All I have to say is WEIRD!
Nation's Triathlon is the premiere Olympic distance triathlon in the United
States. Set against the magnificent and patriotic setting of the nation's
capital and its monuments, participants in the Nation's Triathlon will swim 1.5k
in the Potomac Videogame-Simulator-Job River, a course that will take
them under the Memorial Bridge, bike 40k through downtown D.C. , out onto Clara
Barton Parkway and Rock Creek Park, and run 10k through downtown D.C, past the
White House, Washington Monument, National Mall, finishing on the plaza of the
Navy Memorial on Pennsylvania Avenue.


Rainmaker said...

Ha, that's whacky! At least it would be clean. :)

Jade Lady said...

The secret is out - they've renamed the river! Or did someone just have a brain f_ _t?