Sunday, April 13, 2008

Riding Through the Storm

It's true. I've been in a bit of a rut.
Which is why riding at Pony Pasture yesterday put me in a good mood. It reminded me of why I ride, and why I love being a team leader for TRIgirls. Riding a 5 mile loop along the river with herons, ducks, geese and kayakers would put anyone in a good mood. Riding with a new team of baby pinks reminds me of my first days of getting into the sport. Where 15 miles seemed like a long ride. Speed wasn't important. Everything seemed new and intriguing. And plenty of smiles were going around just at the sheer joy of being out and about at the beautiful river in perfect weather. Well, it did rain for a few minutes, but no one's complaining.
And, after racing home from my ride to get Daisy to her soccer game on time, only to hear a severe thunderstorm warning on the way, and having the game get called as the lightning started to strike, made me thing of the noble triathletes on my team, who were still out on the road, on Route 5, and in Goochland, biking. And running 16 miles all over Richmond. Getting flats, and getting buzzed by big guys in big trucks with big wheels....all in that same scary thunderstorm. By the way, Daisy and Redfish were cowering in the back seat of my car, holding their fingers to their ears, looking very scared. And THEY were in a CAR! So, this is an ode to those of you who managed to cycle through that storm or run through it. I promise you on race day, nothing will be quite as scary. And now, you are ready for anything!

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Sarah said...

Hooray for good rides, those that remind you why you do it.

OMG, I've ridden in rain, but no lightning yet. That is scary!!!