Thursday, November 30, 2006

Redfish Funny

Please stop reading now if you are offended by potty humor. This is NOT triathlon related!!!

Redfish did something this morning that just made me crack up...and I certainly want to record it forever so anytime I need a laugh I can refer back here....or use it to embarrass him at his wedding. Just Kidding!
Anyway, to set the stage I should probably tell you the background. And bare with because this will be a long one., but if you hang in, it will be worth the read.

Redfish is starting to be aware of his body. He's realized he can control when he pees. So much so, that for several weeks he was holding it in, because he didn't want to go in the diaper and he didn't want to go in the potty either. He held it so long in fact that when he could finally hold it no longer and tried to go he couldn't. He was in so much pain and we were so concerned that we took him to the best urologist in town. The night before the urologist visit, he had a "spell" where he was in so much pain I paged the pediatrician on call and almost took him to the ER. We didn't know what was wrong with him at that point. He didn't have a urinary tract infection. He didn't have a yeast infection. We were starting to wonder if something was really, really wrong internally.
The urologist did an ultrasound with a full bladder. He said things looked good. Then, I waited in the waiting room for 3 hours until Redfish could hold his pee no longer. He peed so much, his diaper couldn't hold it all. So after cleaning up the waiting room, we did an ultrasound with an empty bladder. Everything looked great the doctor said. He said sometimes precocious little boys do this when they realize they have control and that the problem arises when they try to pee and their bladder is so full they get an erection and then they can't pee no matter how hard they try.
Needless to say, we've been encouraging of Redfish's peeing. And when he finally started to go in the potty, we cheered, we jumped up and down, we had family cheers, basically everything short of doing a cartwheel. Right now his three "rewards" for going in the potty are: mama and dad jumping up and down, getting to flush the toilet, and getting a Wiggles sticker.
That's the background. Now for the story.

We were sitting at the breakfast table this morning and Redfish said, "Mama, Redfish farted."
"OK, honey, say excuse me," I say.

"Please jump around Mama!" says Redfish.

Daisyhead Maisy slaps her hand to her forehead and rolls her eyes.

I try my best, but I can't help but laugh.

"Redfish funny!" he says.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Off Season Triathlonmom is Cranky

Well, it's about one week to the season's start of base training for Eagleman. I'm not sure whether I'm dissapointed that I'm down to running just once a week, or if I'm proud of myself that I'm still running once a week, despite having no team structure.
Regardless, I think it is fine that I took a break. My toe is almost healed. My Christmas shopping is basically done. And my family is going to be totally happy to have their old mom back. I think they are getting tired of the cranky, impatient, fidgety, short-tempered mom that replaced the more well-rounded one that is TriGirl Mom.

Which reminds me. Mr. Preschool says that when I come home from my swim workout, I am always peaceful, docile, patient, and calm. Traits not usually exhibited by me. I guess having an hour or 90 minutes stuck in your head or staring at a black line on the bottom of the pool can be a good thing! A sort of forced meditation. Otherwise I'm not able to force myself to sit down and do it. OK, I am multitasking meditation.....shhh don't tell anyone. I don't think that is allowed.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Richmond Marathon 2006

The Richmond Marathon today was long and hot. And I wasn't even running it. I was out supporting my teamates, riding the course on my bike, cheering them on. Mostly it was riding the brakes the whole way, my voice hoarse from shouting encouragement to random strangers.
I picked up the race at Granite and Cary Street road, passing the police cars and several very slow marathoners who had to walk/walk run with a cop car nipping at there heels. I really related to them....Felt like that would surely be me at least at some point of the race if I was running it. Running makes you loopy. Had fun chatting with the "Big Chafe" Team. Mostly rode the breaks for 12 painfully congested miles.
Caught up with Sharon and Mary, Anna and Kate T., then Lynn, Kate O. and lastly the speedy Carmen. I never did catch Grandison. I spent way too much time riding my breaks.

I was extraordiarily careful of the runners. But, it was so congested I wouldn't suggest riding the marathon course as a cheerleader to anyone else. In fact, I saw several clueless bikers who were impeding runners and being careless.

I did had a blast cheering folks on while passing them...something i don't often get to do.

And, I am in awe of all of all the runners out there. Especially the first timers.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Race Schedule for 2007

I've been thinking alot about the 2007 season, since the start of training is just a few short weeks away. I'm looking to fill my schedule with some open water....some challenging (for me) distances, and shopping for a new wetsuit, of course. I'm sort of over pool swims, but having a bit of trouble filling the schedule for the middle of my summer. Maybe something will pop up. I guess this would be much easier if I didn't mind spending the night in a hotel. Maybe Richmond needs a new the James the middle of the summer....hmmmmm.

March 31st, 2007 Monument Avenue 10K

Saturday, April (3rd week?) Kinetic Quarter, Date to be determined, Lake Anna, VA

June 10, 2007 EaglemanTriathlon, Cambridge, Md

September 16, 2007 (tentative date) Sandman Triathlon, Virginia Beach, VA

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Getting Back in the Saddle

I was just reading J.'s (10-31-06) blog last night and feeling sorry for myself because he was able to transform a really crappy, painful slow run to a joyful, fast, happy run. For me it is almost always just a painful, slow run. And 12 days off after injuring my toe didn't make me feel any more hopeful. I did finally get back out there on Tuesday. It was such a beautiful fall day, but a shorts and t-shirt kinda day...and I had planned on running in the early morning, but I conveniently forgot to set the alarm. (Starting once you stop, even with a reason, starting is SO hard).
I convinced Redfish that he wanted to go for a ride in the stroller (no small feat) , when he changed his mind and decided we needed to go to the park instead.
Compromise: run to the park (2 miles) run back (2 miles). I like this. My toe didn't even hurt while I was running, only when I stopped.
He was happy (mostly) I was happy (mostly). But I did have to give up my ipod to him for the run home. I've decided this can be a new ritual.
Too bad I was still feeling it this morning when I tried to go out for run number two (3 miles). It was light out, thanks to a recent daylight saving grace. But it was also cold, incredibly windy, and raining.
I was ever so greatful that when I started to run, I looked up and snowing upon me were thousands of the most beautiful fall leaves you can imagine. I couldn't figure where they all could have come from, because when I looked up, I saw the dawning of the morning sky, not trees at all. It was one of the most joyful feelings to run in a snow of never ending leaves raining down from the sky.
The running part sucked though. My toe started hurting this morning as soon as I put on my shoe. Later my ankle sort of cramped up. Since the regular season is over, the only chiquitas who showed up were marathoners or half-marathoners. Need I say it sucks to get passed on a one mile track when you are only running 3 miles. And then they switched directions and passed me again! They were as gracious about it as they could be.
And I continued to amuse myself with natures follies. Running faster when the headwinds came on strong. And loving it when the rain blew directly into my wide open, panting mouth. And standing in amazement as I ran into one of Mr. Preschool's paintings of birds attached to the wind.