Monday, June 29, 2009

Race Results: I Love the Tavern

The I LOVE the Tavern Triathlon race
results are finally posted!
Good news! I did PR on the race overall, but
most importantly, I PR'd on the run, which was my goal.
I was the third Athena out of the water on the swim.
And I had the second fastest bike split.
It is so obvious to me now what I need to do:
work on my RUN! Although I PR'd, if I was 2 minutes
faster I could have placed.
I did give it my all yesterday. I felt great and
had alot of fun.
I LOVED seeing all those TRIgirls out on the course,
and I loved getting to cheer on the other athletes.

Here are my stats from the last
3 years of the Tavern race:

2009 2008 2007
Swim 750m 15:42 15:29 18:43
T1 1:40 2:44 2:53
Bike 18.89 1:06:07 1:05:24 1:04:10
T2 1:43 1:57 1:04
Run 39:38 42:06 40:52
Total time 2:04:48 2:07:39 2:07:40

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I LOVE the Tavern Tri Race Report

It was a beautiful day for a triathlon. After a 15 minute delay and a slight shortening of the race course, for the first time ever I started a race on land. Typically, we tread water for 3 minutes and wait for the gun to go off. This time we were still making our way down to the water when I heard 10 second -- beep!
And we're off!

Unfortunately, with the strong current, many of the men from the 2 heats prior were still trying to make there way forward and those of us in purple caps who were faster had to swim over both red and yellow caps. There was lots of confusion, and this was both the most contact I'd ever experienced in a race and also the gentle-ist nicest elbows and feet I'd ever encountered. Yes we were all climbing over each other in an effort not to be swept downstream, but we were being polite about it.

As I climbed out of the water, slightly disoriented, and ran down the trail through the woods, someone shouted that I was the second TRIgirl out of the water. I grabbed my bike and mounted it only to have lots of trouble clipping in. About 5 people passed me as I tried to clip in, and thankfully, I didn't fall.

The bike course was full of passing and getting passed. I was pretty tired starting the big hill at the turn around, but managed to have a good bike leg anyway. For next year I need to remember, I only need one water bottle and no bike gloves. I think both those things slowed me down.

My goal for this race was to PR on the run especially. Typically, I go all out on the swim and bike and don't save much for the run, but today I was able to hang on for the run too. I have no idea if I PR'd but fact that it was a cool day helped immensely.

The trail run was fun but took a bit of concentration no to trip on the roots. Lots of people passed me! I mean lots! But, these were they guys getting the awards.

Before I knew it they were saying I had .6 miles left and I ran it in as hard as I could. I knew there was a chance I was in the running for a medal if I picked up the speed, but all I could do was all I could do. I had a strong finish, that left me wanting more for my next race. So, more hard work, and a goal, that next year I'd like to bring home a 3rd in Athena. This is the second race this season where I've come in 4th -- which is totally fine -- but makes me think If I work at it there is no reason I couldn't get a third. The 3rd place winner beat me by about 2 minutes.

Yet another opportunity to set a goal and work towards it and set a good example for the kiddos! Oh, those kids! I absolutely LOVE seeing them cheering me on during a race! I'm so grateful their dad brought them out to cheer!

My time was 2:04 something. The past 2 years it has been 2:07 -- So I got a PR, despite a a strong current. I'll post my splits when I have them.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Getting Ready: I LOVE the Tavern

I'm getting excited, it's race weekend -- I LOVE the Tavern Triathlon, my favorite local race.
Friday night is the open water swim practice with the Richmond Tri Club, Saturday is packet pick up and setting up the TRIgirl Training team tent for race day, pack my race bag and Sunday, 7 a.m. is race day!
This is the third year they've held this race and I've done it each year. Looking back on my race report from last year is funny -- I PR'd by ONE SECOND! That is completely crazy for a 2-hour race!
This year, my goal for the race is simple -- have a good time, enjoy it -- and especially enjoy the run. The swim is easy to enjoy -- it's in the James River, mostly against the current. Typically I feel at home in the water, even if it is muddy and filled with flying elbows. The bike is beautiful, and wild, mostly country roads, with one incredible hill. I hope that I fly up that hill like I did 2 weekends ago when we practiced the course -- and I hope in flying down it I enjoy the ride and don't break - despite hitting 36 mph.
The run, is a trail run, through the woods and out in to a neighborhood and then back through the woods. I love the shade that the run offers and the privacy of the trail for a moment, in between the runners passing me. This year I've been making stride in my running and I've incorporated trail running into my training for the first time. I'm hoping to feel strong on the run -- really strong and have a great finish. Oh, and a PR, if only by one second, would be nice too!
Stay tuned for the report on Sunday.