Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Running, Change up the Speed. Variety is the Key.

Verticle Man, over at Life is a TRI, linked to this great article in the NY Times about runner, and Olympic hopeful Sara Hall and how she is breaking into new territory with her training. I will never be a fast runner, and seriously wonder if any of the drills she offers will help me as long as I continue to use the Galloway Method of combining running and walking, but still, the information, especially the video, was very informative.
Most of all, I just love to watch her run. She is beautiful, like a gazelle. And you can tell she is a runner, just by looking at her walk. She covers everything from form, to ice baths, to distances and why she runs differently and different speeds on different days. Check it out.
Last month they featured another great article on swim form and training that was also hugely helpful to me.

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