Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Swimming, It's Over Already?

Good news: After last night's workout, I was sad it was over. It seemed to short (although it was an hour), and I was ready for more. That is a really good sign, since I need to get used to swimming 2 plus hours often. I just love the University of Richmond pool. It is so deep and so clear! The workout just flew by.
I swam with a speedy group of TRIgirls: Karen B. and Shelly, and coach G. It was perfect. Karen challenged us to go faster but, I wasn't lagging behind either. Last season, I had trouble keeping up with Karen and Shelly, so I see this as a good sign. I really didn't feel fast at all. Funny how who you swim (or bike, or run) with changes your perspective on how fast you are! Last Thursday at Masters, I probably swam slower but felt faster as I kept lapping the boys in my lane. Last night, I was faster, but felt slower, as I was challenge to keep up.

Thursday night, Trigirl 40 and I are aiming for 4 miles....including Masters and then staying late to complete the rest. This will be a new distance PR, so I'm excited to see how I'll manage.

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