Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bay Swim in the Pool, I'm Getting Dizzy

I am having my own internal battles with the Chesapeake Bay swim. Things are coming along. The date is fast approaching. Mentally, the training in the pool is tough. I can't wash the clorine away. I'm getting good a flip turns though! But feeling dizzy from so many.

Ironwoman Canada, is giving me lots of good Mojo. I think, slowly, I am earning her respect. It means alot to me. Swam masters on Thursday, then swam another hour straight. Still no training schedule. Decided I don't really need one. I'll manage.
I'll try to squeeze in nearly 4 miles this Thursday. A solid 4 next week. Then 4.5 then 5. Then taper.
Friday nights in May will now all be spent swimming in the James River. Still need to figure out if I can manage in a wetsuit, or if I'll go without.

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