Friday, March 23, 2007

Train for my Half Iron Race or Blog about it?

I haven't posted much details about workouts recently. I used to think If I didn't record them on my blog or something, they wouldn't count. Now, that I'm basically training 10 hours a week give or take, I'm finding that I'm too busy working out to find time to write as much. And of course, you gotta keep things in perspective -- miss a workout or miss writing about a workout. Easy choice!

I've was reading an unnamed TRIgirl blog which announce that ..we're about to really ramp up the intensity of the workouts. Oh God, here we go again! I'm really not sure that I'm ready... adding on the strength training has been as much of an intensity builder as I can manage right now. Luckily, although I've been sore, I haven't been 5-days sore again. And although I've been struggling to complete the set number of reps in a particular exercise, as long as it keeps increasing from the last time, I'll call it progress, and try my best not to sweat it.

I do want to shout out to all you TRIgirls who were MIA at the strength training on Wednesday though....I think there were only three of us there. It was a beautiful day granted, but I'm not sure I like having the coaches all to my self. Too much pressure!

And just so I can look back on this spring and remember...when it wasn't so bad...we weren't doing to much and we hadn't really ramped up the is what a typical training week getting ready for Eagleman half iron on June 10th, looks like this for me:

Monday: 1 hour strength and weight training, 1 hour intense bike
Tuesday: 4 miles hills and stretching if I'm good, 1 hour
Wednesday: 1 hour strength & weight training, 1 hour intense bike
Thursday: 4 mile temp run, stretching, 1 hour
Friday: OFF
Saturday: either 1/2 mile repeats (total 4 miles) and 2 hour intense bike or 1 hour intense bike and a 2-hour, 10 mile run
Sunday: Swim +/- 2,500 meters, 1 hour

I've heard the average weekly training for Ironman athletes is 14 hours per week. If that is true, and I only have to add 4 more.....than maybe God is on the horizon somewhere down the line for me. Wait, let me do a half iron first...I don't want to even think that yet. OOOooops.


TriGirl 40 said...

Yep, this training sure can eat up a lot of time. But at least we have great company along the way. It'll be great to look back to March - or January - over the next few months - to see all the progress we've made!

Melissa said...

it's great having you in weight training class! you are going to rock eagleman...and next year florida (i said it for you)

Robin said...

Sounds like you're doing great getty ready for your HIM! Triathlete blogs all start to fall off once the training gets intense. Eat, sleep, train, repeat!