Saturday, March 17, 2007

5 Days Later I am Still Sore, but That is the Least of my Worries

First of all I should say that I certainly hope that today is the last day of my soreness....from last Monday. Today is Saturday, so hmm that would be 5 days straight of being really sore! Can't wait for next Monday to do strength training again and start all over again.

After Wednesday's workout I wasn't sure what to expect for today. On Wednesday, my chain fell off while I was shifting from the big chain ring to the small. The chain did a figure 8 inside the derailleur-sprocket area. Don't ask me how that is even possible. TRIboy Michael had to take off my back tire to fix it. When he put my tire back on, he locked it down differently and subsequently caused my bike to fall out of the trainer TWICE before I fixed it. Thank God that I was able to unclip and catch myself both times. With an audience, I just want to say that I was sweating WAY more than the rest of the class doing their work out.
Coach Mark brought a cooler full of Guinness for us to celebrate a halfway point in our training for Eagleman after the workout. Let me just say it is a shame that I don't like Guinness. But I enjoyed about half a beer anyway. Since I hadn't eaten diner It went straight to my head. Half a Clif bar later I was feeling less buzzed but nauseated at the mixing of Clif bar and Guinness. Race note: don't train with Clif's and Guinness!
Today I was scheduled for another 10 mile run. I made it through about 7.5 and then pulled something in my foot. I'm not sure what I did, but after that I just couldn't run without the bottom of my left foot hurting. I walked back to Maramarc while training partner Cheryl was able to finish for her first 10 miler! Go Cheryl!
It's feeling better now...just don't ask me to run on it, yet.
Here's the breakdown of my run:
8.58 Run
1.28 Walk/recovery
5.11 R
1.04 W
9.08 R
2.27 W
6.09 R
1.28 W
4.53 R
.57 W
7.58 R
1.32 W
10.04 Stretching at the Capitol (decided I don't like to stop and stretch)
10.36 R
1.55 W
7.31 R
1.35 W
7.54 R
2.38 W
7.13 R
1.28 W
2.28 R (this is where I got hurt)
1.35 W
1.24 R ....and then walked the rest.
Needless to say it was a long 10 miles.
I took a short nap, and when I woke up I had that yucky feeling. hmmm maybe too much water not enough salt. Drank a V8 (300 mg sodium for a mini can) and I immediately felt better. Go figure.


Renae said...

I hope your foot feels better soon, or at least before your next weight training session so that you don't have to deal with both at the same time.

Andra Sue said...'re still sore from your strength training workout 5 days later? I'm no expert, but that can't have been good for you. :(

TriGirl 40 said...

Sounds like a rough week! Especially the Guiness and cliff bar :P Seriously, can you believe we are halfway to Eagleman? And how is your foot doing?

Cyndi said...

Half way to Eagleman! I didn't even realize that! Makes me very excited!!!!!! And a wee bit nervous!