Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Good news. And bad news.

The good news is Coach Mark says we don't have to run and extra 6-7 miles before or after the 10K. I was dreading sprinting the Monument Avenue 10K and then trying to find the energy to want to jog home. The bad news is that means we'll have a 14 mile and a 16 mile run coming up in the next several weeks. I know I said this last night...but I didn't bargain for 16 miles! I was thinking MAYBE 13.1 (walking most of it). Now we'll have to see if little miss Triathlonmom can run 16 miles! I guess I'll never know until I try.
Strength training last night was fairly easy, and focused mainly on our arms, with hardly any leg work. Now I know, that can mean only one thing. Look Out! A brutally hard bike training session is coming!
It was certainly the toughest 1 hour bike we've had yet. I guess Mark wants to get every last bit of (supervised and coached) training in before he sets us free at West Creek. My legs were still tight and sore from last night when I started my run this morning.
On another note, I should mention that Redfish finally got into the preschool we've been trying to get into since November. Yea! And Daisy lost her big front tooth on Friday....she is so cute....but is a mess....in so many ways. I predict tooth number 2 will fall out tomorrow. And then, I'll try to get a photo posted so you can see for yourself.

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