Sunday, March 18, 2007

U.S. Open Cycling Comes to Richmond

I can't believe I'm going to miss both the 3Sports Duathlon and the inaugeral U.S. Open Cycling Championships! Darn. ...Richmond is finally making news in the world of sports in more than one way. The US Open is even going to be broadcast live on NBC with both women's and men's's the scoop...I bet it will be great to watch them take those hairpin turns through the city ....and take on Richmond's very own pothole (and cobblestone) heaven. OK, to be fair it looks like they avoided most of the cobblestones. Actually, looking at the course map, they will be riding right down 3rd Street in front of the Visitor Center (convention center) where I work. This would be a great place to watch from as there is plenty of parking....clean bathrooms and overhangs to shelter from rain or sun.

Cycling Championships Coming to Richmond Region
The inaugural U.S. Open Cycling Championships are coming to the Richmond Region April 7, just weeks before America's 400th Anniversary. This nationally televised, first-ever event will feature both a men's and women's race that promise to provide the NBC Sports viewing audience scenic views of Virginia's history. The men's race will begin in the Colonial Capitol of Williamsburg and continue along Route 5 to a grueling set of circuits in Downtown Richmond. The women will race the same set of downtown circuits earlier that day.


JRo said...

I heard they canceled the U.S. Open Cycling Championship since they couldn't find a title sponsor. I wonder if they found one - that would be sweet! The Tour de Georgia race we go to every year is still looking for one too from what I gather.

Where will you be?

triathlonmom said...

i just talked to my boss at the Richmond Metro Convention and Visitor's Bureau who said that the US Open is not cancelled due to a lack of the tittle sponsor. She has been talking to the organizer.