Thursday, March 08, 2007

Momo's Little J

One of the many triathlete bloggers out there in the bloggy universe who has been supportive of me, recently wrote something that just made me feel so old!
Momo, a triathlete training for Ironman Cor D'Alene, writes about her Little J, just like I write about Redfish and Daisy. Only Little J isn't so little anymore. He is 12 years old. And get this....
he has his own blog...just like mom.

"You birth them, you care for them, you feed and clothe them. You teach them to walk, to speak, to read. You do everything in your power to make sure they are safe and healthy and happy.And this is how they repay you. Ha! A boy after his mom's heart. Stop by and give Little J some comment love if you get a chance. Just don't believe a word he says... :-)"

Momo and I have some things in common...we try to set a good example for our kids. We live and love triathlons. We are members of Team Raceathlete. We are true to heart and we write about it, fearlessly.

But the thought of waking up in 6 years and seeing Daisy blogging about life in Trimom's house scares me. It makes me feel old, way old. And it reminds me that you are always setting an example whether you want to or not. Your good days and your bad. On second thought, once I got over the shock of Daisy having her own blog...I guess I'd be proud. But I would still tell you....Just don't believe a word that she says!;)


TriGirl 40 said...

Remember when you came to my house for the "What it Takes" screening? Well, still on my fridge, there is the drawing "Daisy and C, making friends with Butterflies." It makes me happy many a morning.

momo said...

ya know... my first though when he told me about the blog was - what is he going to say about me?? :-) what i've realized, though, is that he wanted to blog because he wanted to do what i was doing. then i was flattered! now, i'm enjoying reading about what is in his mind, i really hope he keeps it up.