Sunday, March 04, 2007

10 Miles

I'm sore. and I'm walking funny. But, I did it. I ran 10 miles.
We'll mostly ran. I walked some.
10 Miles took 2 hours, 4 minutes and 50 seconds....roughly 12.45 a mile.
Mostly I tried to use a formula of run 7 minutes...walk 1. And mostly I was sucessful.

Funny how at mile 8 (my previous longest run) is where things really got difficult. Mostly because my knees started to hurt and my upper thigh/groin area. I thought that was a strange place to feel it, but it happened on my last run too.

I was VERY happy to have beat the IronBoys (Rick and Jeff) back to Maramarc, by about 30 seconds. I guess you can't really call it "beating them" though-- they were running 14 my 10...but i'll take that anyday. You may know this already, but I always pack up my trainer, my bike, my blocks and put them away, and throw all my stuff in the car because I don't want anyone to have to wait for me since my runs take so much longer than other folks. But now I can see that with the Ironman group having longer runs in preparation for Ironman Cor d'Alene that I can just leave my stuff...and go for the actual "brick" effect of running directly after biking.

I was lucky to have my old Trimom partner, Sue, to run just over half of the workout with me. It was amazing she hadn't planned on running as far as Harrison St. but all of a sudden we were there. As I mentioned before, I have exercise-induced asthma and she is a respiratory therapist, so I can always bounce ideas off of her. We were talking about some deep stuff and I felt an attack coming on.
"If you ever go back to school and need a topic for a dissertation, I want you to study the correlation between emotion and asthma..." I said, pulling myself together.
"It's already been documented," she said..."there is a direct relationship between emotions and asthma." It's due apparently, to the chemical reaction of hormones caused by stress and fight or flight. Makes sense...and now that I know, I'll have more control over it I hope. Come to think of it...I realized the first time I had an attack in my adult life it was related to my emotions, oh and riding up some of those incredible hills off of Cherokee, trying to keep up with some girls who were outta my league.
Coach Mark's bike session was particularly brutal this Saturday. It's funny how that works out pretty conveniently....I've noticed that once you move onto the next leg you almost don't remember the pain you were just in. I think he started the ...stand in level in level 7 and mini recovery aero in level 5 about halfway through the bike...and he never let up.
But by the time all was said and done, it was the run that made me think ouch...not the bike.


Anonymous said...

Great post - I had never considered the asthma attack connection to fight or flight - but that makes total sense. Great job on the run....that was a hard, hard workout. I was worn out, too.


TriGirl 40 said...

Congrats on the 10 miler! And for the interesting information about asthma. Mine is not so much exercise induced - though sometimes. And I haven't seen a correlation with emotions too much. But I have noticed that if I panic (for example if I forgot my inhaler) when it starts up - it will get much worse than if I am relaxed.