Thursday, March 15, 2007

More 1/2 Mile Repeats

Since I was sick on Saturday and missed my repeats, I wanted to make sure I got them in today at least. Even though when I woke up this morning I was STILL sore from Monday night's work out. Let me just tell you what you already know....they were YUMMY!

It was a beautiful morning, if not a bit hot. The low for the night was 61 degrees, which feels downright balmy when you are doing repeats.
But, when I ran into the more forested part of the Vita course you could actually feel the temperature change -- it was much cooler. And of course on days like today, I'm always grateful just to be up for the sunrise. It is most definitely my favorite part of the day. I love it so much in fact...and the feeling of dawn and the sun rising over the horizon just barely illuminating broad domed sky, while you are breathing hard and running...that I can't figure out why I hate it so much when I have to get up and get out of bed. 20 minutes later...I'm loving it, feeling so happy to be alive....and feeling so happy I didn't just stay in bed like I wanted to. They internal struggle is so great. But the payoff is so worthwhile. I guess that is how most things in life are...the really, really rewarding things...just take alot of work and dedication, which maybe is why we find them so rewarding.

Which reminds me of one of one of Iron Wil's posts from last year. I don't get to read her blog much anymore....I'm too busy training and writing mine, but I love this one.


Get up.
It sucks.
Then it doesn't.
Go train.
It sucks.
Then it doesn't.
In that order.

So, anyway here are my stats. Since I ran that PR mile a few weeks back.... Coach Mark gave me a new 1/2 mile split time -- 5:10
(the old time was 5:25)...still a little ambitious for me to maintain, as you can see.

1 5.03
2 5.20
3 5.23
4 5.56 (includes a potty break by a tree...I know...I just couldn't hold it)
5 didn't time....this one was a slacker repeat
6 5.20


Ellie said...

Hey, you're getting closer and closer to the coach's time for the splits! I should be doing half's. You may have just inspired me to go do some...

TRIgirl Cheryl said...

Jonah...pretty soon I will not be able to keep up with you! :) I am VERY impressed with your results! You ROCK! You will have to keep me going for our 10 miler Sat!

Riana said...

Guess, what...

Your great effort for the Triathlon made you our HEALTHY BLOGGER THIS WEEK!

Congratulations! You deserve the award.

BTW, if you feel like having the logo diplayed at your blog, simply contact me at my e-mail address: riana at healthifica dot com

Have a nice weekend!