Saturday, April 07, 2007

Working Out on the Road & "What? You're Still Here Mama?"

We'll....nothing makes you appreciate riding on a trainer like riding on a stationary bike...inside in a gym ...with windows that don't open...on a beautiful day. But after 8 hours in the car, i felt like I needed a workout. And there was no way we could bring the bikes since we had to rush off for the long drive after a full work day. I just couldn't see unloading the bikes at midnight when we arrived either. So, here I am on a sucky stationary bike, watching T.V.
Mr. Preschool was kind enough to join me for the workout, but riding next to your S.O. just isn't the same as riding next to your TGirls.

Workingout while you are traveling sucks. I keep getting in half workouts. I ran but didn't bike on Thursday. Friday I biked for,2.5 hours the stationary bike, but didn't get to do the 10 mile run. The fitness center where I am made me truly appreciate Maramarc and the fitness centers we have where we live. There were only 3 upright stationary bikes in the whole place. Each had a 30-minute time limit. Luckily we when it wasn't too busy, and no one told us to leave.
Today I took the day off and had some awesome Savannah Soul food at Sweet Potatoes, the place we always eat when we are down here. I had fried catfish, lemon collards and brussel sprouts. Happily, I'll report that the vegetables were the best part of the meal.
I'm saving my 10 mile run for Easter if all goes well and I sure hope it is a nice day to run. It's totally funny to me how I'm dreading not getting to bike first. Call me crazy but somehow biking takes the edge off for me from running. Gets you warmed up. There is something about that first mile when you are running, that just totally sucks. I'm not sure why, but it never fails.
On Thursday's run, I spent the entire first mile thinking of reasons I was just going to quit and go home. I guess none of them seemed like good enough reasons to stop, because by the time I'd finished the first mile, I was still running. I had to work hard to get 5 loops in in 60 minutes. So, i know that tells me only one thing. I need to run faster.

I'm trying to maintain my perspective on this trip. One week of erratic training won't make or break a race. And, not working out how I like, with who I like, when I like, is just making me appreciate what I have back home: an incredible support system, incredible facilities, incredible coaches, incredible teammates, and an incredible family who puts up with it all.

And you know what else I'm realizing? My family has had to put up with an awful lot these past 3 months. I've been gone training, gone to clinics, gone to work, gone to TRIgirls dinners, gone to swims, gone to bikes and gone to runs. If they can hang in there for 2 more months....then I'll be back for them like i should be. Here on vacation, every time we get ready to go out the door, Redfish and Daisy keep asking if all of us are really going together. They are so used to Mr. Preschool taking them one way and me going another. They are used to going to sleep when I'm not there (at an evening bike) and waking up with me not there again (at an early morning run). They are used to Sundays when I leave after breakfast, and I don't see them until Monday because I work and then run and then swim. That is why, I've decided not to do the Patriot Half. My kids shouldn't be surprised that I'm actually staying with them. I still want to train, but I'm going to wait until they are both in school before I train for a half iron or iron race again. They've put up with alot, and I need to be there for them after Eagleman.
Mr. Preschool will be starting his Doctorate in the fall, so this summer should be savored, with training, but just enough...and lots of playing at the pool with my kids.


TriGirl 40 said...

I think it is pretty impressive you've worked so hard to find alternatives to training while on your VACATION. We missed you this morning, but hope you are having a great time.

There will be plenty of races in a few years when the timing is right for you and your family.

Cyndi said...


I feel the same tug at my heartstrings with my kids. Booger will be in Kindergarten this Fall and I am already feeling guilty for not savoring every teeny tiny moment before she's off to start her "big girl" life!! Training does take so much time and all of our families put up with so much to watch us go for our dreams! I think in June we should have a surprise "thank you" picnic or cookout for all of our S.O.'s, kids and other support crew!!


Shannon said...


I was starting up a blog tri-ing (haha) to use the same url as you when I was told the address was already taken. So I decided to check out your blog :)

I'm a mom of 3 who is training for my first sprint triathlon.

I look forward to reading up on what you've posted so far :)

Good luck with everything!

Laura said...

Love reading your blog. I think it's amazing that you've been so focused on your goal and that your husband is so supportive. I'm a mom of two (ages 2 & 4) training for a half-iron in June and, with a similar schedule to yours, can relate to what you wrote in this last blog.
Happy training and keep writing!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry.... the schedule is designed for people who have families to visit, kids to care for or any other thing that might mean you don't devote your ENTIRE life to triathlon. Hope you don't worry one little bit about a workout not being ideal or what the schedule says. One or two workouts won't make or break any race.
It is a fine balance between training and family- being a positive influence for your children and being absent. Always a delicate balance but you seem to be doing it well!