Monday, April 09, 2007

A Movie Star? I Think Not!

Those TRIgirls keep talking about how I look way too happy when I was running the Monument Avenue 10K last week. Lil' Sis Ann even said I was like a friggin' MOVIE STAR running down Monument waving to all my friends.
Well, that is a rare thing that I look great while running, so if you are curious, here is the photo I think that they are talking about. And here is a photo of me with some of my Tgirls, including Lil' Sis Ann.


JRo said...

Both of those pictures came out nice! You do look way to happy to be running a 10k if it were a 10k bike race I'd understand :-)

Diane said...

You DO look like a movie star! Can I have your autograph?!?

Anonymous said...

Too cute!


TriGirl 40 said...

I love your 10K pictures, Triathlonmom. We should all come close to even feeling as good as you looked!