Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Monument Avenue 10K Race Report

My race report on the 10K is going to be short. Short race, short race report.

TRIgirl Melissa was a life saver. She drove me to and from the race. We kept away early morning race jitters by laughing and acting silly. After taking a team photo at the Cathedral, we raced to put the camera back in the car, and then found our team again. I was slated to start with the M wave, but all the TGirls were in G, so I sneaked in with them to start the race together. I had planned on running the race with Ann and Katherine, but couldn't find them, so I was stuck with mainly 9 minute mile girls. I watched as they each passed me, and just when I accepted that I was going to run this race alone....I saw up ahead Ann and Katherine, my pacers! I sprinted to them and ran in between them. HAPPY, I was!

Katherine left us to go to the Port-o-let and Ann and I raced the next 6 miles in 8 minute run and 1 mile walk increments. We nailed each mile at just under 12 minutes. I started pushing myself a little to far from the finish, (don't know why but I thought the race was 6.1 mile!) and finished the race about 20 feet behind Ann. There was a mass of chaos with a volunteer stepping in front of us at the finish line in order to stop us. That was craziness! I WAS going to stop, but not until I crossed that damn mat.

And, I was able to manage a negative split!
37.17 split first half
36.14 second half
In other news, now that I've ordered my wetsuit, I've been dreaming new bike.....a tri-specific bike with bullhorn aero bars, tri-specific geometry and maybe even a custom paint job. Andy, bike mechanic for team RaceAthlete, is making me think that my bike dreams might actually come true. Thank goodness triathletes are so nice.

Note to self...email those spell checker guys at Gmail and tell them that there is such a word as aero. No, I'm not trying to say Afro, Nero, hero or zero!


Melissa said...

note to self: margarita flavored shot blox are not as good as a margarita shot. not recommended.

momo said...

what a happy looking bunch! where i can i get one of those PINK trigirl tops???

and a custom paint job is a must!! :-)