Tuesday, April 03, 2007

F2R TRIgirl Wetsuit Custom Made

I just ordered my wetsuit and I want to say F2R rocks! Not only did they give us our own TRIgirl store, where they donate a whopping 20% of salesback to our adopted non-profit, Safe Harbor Shelter, but they also have the best prices and customer service in the entire wetsuit industry. A big shout out to Brenda and Paul who have gone above and beyond for us and for triathletes in general.
When I asked why there top of the line Sockeye wetsuit was only $300, when so many other top of the line triathlon wetsuits are $600, they explained that the weren't in the business to make a killing. They were hoping to provide a great service that was needed and a good quality...and hoped to make money by selling alot of wetsuits rather than jacking up the price.

And when our logo just didn't look right on the smaller gray portion of the wetsuit they moved their F2R logo to be smaller, so our suits would look just right.

This is the only wetsuit store in town that actually had a wetsuit that would fit my exact height and weight. No compromising here! These suits are made for real people and real triathletes.


Amy said...

Hi! I just won a little-used Sockeye on ebay (it will be here this week!) and my pre-bidding research suggested it was a good choice. Glad you hear you are pleased with yours. Mine should arrive this week!

Deniel Hopkins said...

Great Post! interesting and informative :) keep tri-ing