Monday, April 23, 2007

50 Miles at West Creek -- Ouch My Girl Parts!

I hit a new milestone yesterday with a 50 mile bike. It gave me a new appreciation for my husband, who's done some century (100 mile) rides. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful ride. But tomorrow I'm going out and buying a new saddle, and new bike shorts. Everything is just fine and dandy but my girl parts.
I can't believe that I really only own one pair of bike shorts and that I've done laundry religiously so that I could wear them for every single ride since 2003 when i bought them. Do I need to mention that Mr. Preschool shares them with me? I know, I'm cheap. I love these shorts and I'm cheap. They were $65 when I bought them and I remember thinking....I sure hope I get my money's worth....that is an awful lot for a pair of shorts!
My saddle is from 2003 also, so I figure I'm due for one of those too.
Still need to work out the kinks in my nutrition plan....also on the shopping list: Cliff Mojo, Acclerade, Gu. But also V8, which surprisingly revived me when I was feeling like needed a pick me up of the non-sugar sort. I'm sure the sodium content helped since I'd been drinking plain water. Together with the cheese sticks and a few cashews, they saved me from my sugar low right before the last 10 miles.
May 12th we'll be riding 70 miles... wait let me go to the bike store right now.


jones said...

oh my gosh congratulations!!!!! i have no concept of that many miles on a bike yet - that is so cool that you did it!

Star said...

Yeah, I rode for like 4 painful years before I found my godsend...the Selle SMP saddle. Check it out at: The women's model was still too wide at the nose for me, so I went with the cushy male model. Ahhh relief :)

Melissa said...

jonah - that is aewsome! you should be super proud of yourself!!! (btw i think conte's is having a clothing sale)one day maybe iwill be hard core like you! motivation and dedication! go you.

Nancy Toby said...

How about some Succeed caps or Endurolytes? You'll be needing a LOT LOT more sodium than you took in on that ride!!

Well done on the distance!!!!

Diane said...

Way to go! Check out our favorite Nashbike for some great cheap bike shorts. I got a pair for $25 (their own brand). Of course, I spent another $80 on other crap I didn't need, but you have more restraint than me. Also Dr. Stadler is looking into selling Gatorade Endurance.

TriGirl 40 said...

Thanks for riding with me for part of the long 50. You looked great out there - and keeping up with Coach M is pretty impressive!