Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Trampe Bicycle Lift

Nancy Toby is always pointing out important and funny things in the world of triathlon and bicycling. This one is so good, I just have to repeat it for those of you who don't read her awesome blog.

The Norwegian Trampe bicycle lift gets you to the top of steep hills without actually climbing them. I know a few of you who wouldn't mind if one of these was installed on the Blue Ridge Parkway for this weekend's very hilly 50 miler. Apparently The Trampe is the reason that 90 percent of the student-citizens in Trondheim use their bikes as their MAIN transportation! Amazing!


Melissa said...

I could have used that during the du! haha.

Nancy Toby said...

Now how could anyone NOT read my blog? ;-)

Hills suck. I simply avoid them!