Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Want to get together? Call me after Eagleman!

I've been struggling with time management. I feel like afternoon play dates will just have to wait until after June 10th. I feel like time is at a premium. Between Mr. Preschool's graduate class, Daisy's soccer, and my strength training and evening workouts, there is just not much time left.
I miss those family diners. I miss just hanging out and putting my kids to bed. I go days wanting to tell my husband something and sometimes it is days before I actually get the chance....or sometimes weeks later I realize that I still haven't told him so I send him an email while I'm thinking about it! Most of all though, I miss the quality time with Daisy. She gets out of school at 3:30 or so, which means just a few precious moments before someone has to dash off somewhere. And it is rare that she gets just me alone without her little brother.
So, yes, I feel guilty. Parents of only children I know actually have lunch with their kids at school. I just can't do that and drag Redfish along. So, I set aside Saturday afternoons after my long brick for just her and me. Trouble is, that I'm usually too tired or grumpy to give her 100 percent. Or, other things get in the way and I put it off. But I know I'm not being fair to her.
Kids are resilient. She'll be OK. I hear school is getting out early (June 15th) since we didn't have any snow days this winter. Before I know it, summer will be hear and I'll have had my fill of the kids and be dying to get out on the road and crank out some miles. But for now, I'm wishing I could give her more of me.

Daisy has lost both front teeth now. She is so cute. She won't be like this forever. But maybe she'll still be like this in 6 weeks, when Eagleman is done. In the meantime, maybe I'll wake her up and kiss her and talk to her when I get home from my workout. Maybe she'll even still be awake. I bet she wouldn't mind.


TriJack said...

She'll not only be ok, but I'll bet she'll be so thankful for having a positive role model to teach her about fitness and balance and pursuing your passions in life.
I bet she wouldn't mind at all...

TriGirl 40 said...

I agree with Trijack - but take a bunch of pictures of that toothless grin!