Sunday, July 01, 2007

I *Love* The Tavern Race Report

First of all, as noted before, in an effort to remain honest I should note that I don't *Love* The Tavern -- but I do Love the Tavern Race. Richmond has been waiting a long time for this one and it was well worth the wait. Great (but warm) swim. Super fun (and challenging) bike through beautiful countryside. And well-shaded and pretty run, some of it along the river.

Here are my unofficial results (as best as I can remember them from the split board at the race site). Official results are not yet posted.

Total Time 2:07

Swim: 750 meters -- 400 against the current, 350 with the current -- 18 minutes and some change
T1 3 minutes or so
Bike 18.89 Miles including one incredible hill -- 1:05 or so...averaging a speedy 17.8 MPH
T2 2 minutes or so....ran the wrong way out and had to go back
Run 5K (my first trail run EVER) a sucky 40 minutes -- including one wipe out. Note to self I am not a hurdler!

The day was perfect. The red sun came over the river and was BEAUTIFUL on the drive in. I didn't want to stress for this race, or wake up exceptionally early, so I cut it close, getting up at 5:03 a.m. By the time I got out of the house I was running way late -- leaving at 5:45 or so. I'd planned on arriving then! But the theme of this race was have fun....don't stress and for the most part I was able to do that, And despite arriving late (oh about 6:03) I was not by any means the last one there or even near that. Plus they never really closed the transition area so there was plenty of time.

There were so many things I loved about the race including the "I love the I Love the Tavern ringer T" and the Free Polar water bottle. The watermelon at the finish line! yeah fruit! Who would want cookies (oh kids)? The beautiful weather and race site. My TRIgirl teammates, all around and in the same wave. Everyone staring together so you know where you really stand with your competition. The exasperated "Oh Shit" sound that macho guy made when I passed him on the bike home stretch. Yeah man, a fat girl can pass you on the bike! (I'm sure he passed me on the run. 2 minutes later) They did a great job marking the very confusing trail run and the volunteers (especially Anna and that guy) rocked telling us which way to go and when to turn.

And there were some things that could be improved upon. Next year they need to have more than one wave for the women. There were just too many of us (what maybe 100 or more) put together for one wave in a pretty small river. Plus relay and Aquabike were with us too. There was way more body contact here than at Eagleman. I don't really think that was safe (especially for the not strong swimmers). I had one person actually grab my hand when I was stroking and I got kicked plenty too.

I missed the bike turn around and had to go all the way down to Page Road to turn because the turn was too tight for me, so somehow that needs to be fixed...I know I'm not the only one who had trouble here. Hmmmm maybe I was distracted by TRIgirl Kay in her pink boa!

The bike racks were too tight. If spots had been assigned or the race director had insisted that people alternate the direction that their bikes go then this problem could easily be solved. I heard from one racer that when she got back from the swim there was no longer any spot left for her bike because of careless racking.

And finally, the last thing that they can do to make this race REALLY ROCK would be to add an Athena-Clydesdale division. I know we'd have as many Athenas as age groupers....and it would draw in even more racers.
I am happy to say I had a great race. And I felt great (not drained) when I was done. Having all of those Tgirls out on the course and volunteering was awesome. I especially liked little sis Ann's cowbell sign and bubble machine. And a big kiss to Mr. Preschool! He told me he wasn't going to come bring the kids out to this race (and I told him fine, races are not the best places to keep an eye on kids -- too many fast moving bikes plus the river!) But, he did bring them, which was awesome and I got to high 5 Daisy on the run in.

It was a great race -- I think my slump is over. Oh, and I decided to do the Patriot Aquabike. I'll train for the run when I can (cause I know I need to work on my running) but right now I just want to race the rest of the summer season for fun. And running is fun on my own terms.


Nancy Toby said...

Woot, congrats! Especially congrats on the great bike speed!!!

jones said...

you freaking ROCKED that race today! it was so good to see you out on the course - very motivating! fave is the one who sent me the link with the official results - i could never remember all of that! :)

Melissa said...

it was awesome seeing you on the run!! maybe one day i might actually see you on the bike (we know i will never see you on the swim you mermaid!)glad you like the trail run. and seeing mr. preschool and kids out there cheering for me was great! thanks to him for coming out there. patriot here we come!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jonah!!!


Vickie said...

Good job on your race and coming in out of your "slump." You did very well, in the age group and overall. And you passed a guy on the bike, how cool is that?? And I know what you mean about no room on the bike racks. Always happens to me too. I just shove their stuff out of the way.

TriGirl 40 said...

Triathlonmom - Congrats on an awesome race - you looked like a pro out there - confident and strong - and most importantly - happy!