Monday, July 16, 2007

Sweet Evil

While checking out one of my favorite blogs ....I came across another blog by a nutritionist who made a coment. Hmmm, maybe I can learn something from her blog I thought.

Yep, I learned something. Not what I expected, but I sure did learn something. That aspertame causes cancer, lymphoma and leukemia. Yuk. I hate that fake chemical sugar stuff and I won't let my kids eat it, but my husband eats it. That has me worried. And my mom had leukemia....she's eaten plenty of it. In fact, I used to be a sugar substitute junkie. Until one day, the thought of a diet soda just made me sick to the bone. Nauseous even. My body was telling me something. Thank God I listened. I think I was only 17 at the time. I'm sure I drank thousands of gallons of the stuff between 8 and 17. Some with saccharin in it too.

With some additional reading, I also found that much american chocolate has ties to buying cocoa from African plantations using child slave labor. So maybe that is one more reason not to buy chocolate! Next year we'll be giving out something else at Halloween.


Diane said...

Yikes! No more Crystal Light for me... thanks for the warning.

jgirl said...

Hi there. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

On the halibut. If you go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium website, they have an awesome program called Seafood Watch. Click on that area and find the link for the fish options in your region. They are incredibly conscious of those two things 1)sustainable and 2)heavy metals.

I think you will find an abundance of information. You can print or order a little card, wallet sized, to view during shopping or dining out. You can also sign up to be an advocate for their program. Simple things you can do to create awareness about viable and healthy seafood options.

Enjoy! ~j

jgirl said...

ps. on the Crystal Light can add a little emergen.c into your water and have the same option for taste, not quite as sweet, but...lots of good minerals and vitamin c instead. Emergen.c comes in little packets, long before crystal light did and offers many flavor options, easy to drop into a work out bag or replenish with on your bike. You can find them at almost any grocery store or if Trader Joes is an option, they usually have the best price and selection. Enjoy! ~j