Friday, June 29, 2007

I Love The Tavern

Well one more day and then off to another race...."I Love the Tavern." I've been talking for a couple of years now about how Richmond needed a road tri with an open water swim in the James River, so when the opportunity knocked for this new race, I knew I would answer.

I'm not at all keyed up about it. Sort of treating it as just another workout. I have to go to work right after the race. Just happy to have a race coming up to help relieve the sedentary guilt. I'm giving myself until after this race and then I have to start training in ernest again. I've decided to race the Patriot Half Iron Race afterall. I'm just too blah without training for another big race. The only question now is will I have trouble catching up after 3 weeks of basically doing nothing....and will I feel more fulfilled doing the full race or taking a more casual approach and doing Aquabike....just the things I love.

For now, I'm not signing up, just yet. I'll wait a few more days to decide on the Aquabike-full thing. I did sign up for the Ntelos 8K though...which means I'm not going to run the marathon (this year that is)...what a big relief!

Oh and by the way, I should mention that I don't "Love" the Tavern. Good marketing ploy though.


TriGirl 40 said...

I am soooo happy you are doing the Patriot!!! Don't worry about having a few lax weeks - from what I've heard, most of the Eagleman folks (including me) have been very slowly easing back into training.

Annn said...

Do the full. It will make you hap hap happy like me.

Screw the 8k. Join me for the big boy. It will make us hur hur hurt/hurl.

carmen said...

my imfl training this week
S nothing
M strength
T ran 1.5 walked 1.5
W strength, swim
R ran 2.5 walked 1
F nothing
S bike 50

feel better already?

i dont love the tavern
but i love my friend lauren
who works there

you will have a great race tomorrow
see you out there