Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I Love the Tavern Triathlon Race Photos

A beautiful day! Getting ready to get in the James River to start the Tavern race. We are standing on a floating dock and ramp.

Our wave was all women plus relay and aquabike of both genders.

The calm James River, before it is attacked by waves of swimmers. The course was 750 meters, 400 of which was against the current.

A claustrophobic and physically rough swim -- the verdict: too many of us in one wave! And what is with going on the wrong side of the buoy?

Waving and happy, getting ready to ride!

The Finish!

This photo was taken before the start of the race. Pictured are TRIgirls Megan, Me, Patty, Olivia, Mary, Sarah, Katie and Jackie. Olivia, Sarah, Katie and Margo (not pictured)were doing their first triathlon ever. They all rocked the course! Actually, none of them even looked a bit nervous! Also doing the race, but not pictured were Jill aka Zona girl, Sharon, MaryJo, Teresa, Sandee, Melissa. There were so many of us, am I missing someone?

And OMG, the TRIgirl support turnout was AMAZING! Grandison, our coach, was having a baby during the race, so the TRIgirls support team turned out in numbers!

TRIgirls representing the cheering squad and volunteering were Carmen, Anna Darby, Kay, Annnnn, both Deannas, Kathleen, Anna and Lesley, surely I'm forgetting someone! Anyway, the cheering squad was quite amazing feather boas, music, signs bubbles and all.


Melissa said...

a fun day with the pinkies!!!

Diane said...

You are fabulous! So sorry I missed it...

Jennifer said...

Glad you enjoyed the race Jonah! You looked really good out there.

Anonymous said...

Great race!

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TriGirl 40 said...

You always look so happy in your race pictures. It was fun to actually take a few of you and the TRIgirls for this race!