Thursday, June 22, 2006

Summer is Here

Man is it HOT outside. The heat index is at 100. But it is the humidity that gets you. I can't tell you how hot is was this morning at 6 a.m. when we were running, but I can say that I was dripping with sweat before the first mile. When I got home, after 4 miles and Mr. Preschool said I didn't have time for a shower, that just about ruined my day. Bless him for changing his mind and sending me upstairs to rinse off.
Today is Daisyhead Maisy's first day with no school. Change is in store for all of us. I'm used to droping her off at school and then running a few miles on the way to the pool with Redfish. Now, I'll have to get all my workouts in without kids, since I 86ed the double jogger (I can only deal with two whiney voices at a time when I'm running, mine and one kid.)
Daisyhead was such a mess yesterday. She couldn't stop obsessing over a plastic gem she had glued to her cubby and wouldn't come home until we dislodged it from what seemed like crazy glue. When we got home she went to her room and played with it for several hours. She came out complaining that she had a headache from concentraiting too hard on playing. Transitions have always been especially hard for her and leaving Pre-K is a big tranistion. Saying good-bye is always tough, but more so when you are 5. Her best friend from class won't be coming back to her school again, so I think she was really sad about that.
Saturday is a big workout day for us. Deposit day. Pay now, or pay later. 24 miles (mine will be reinforced with extra hills) and then run 3. Sunday we'll run 3, then swim for an hour, then go eat as a team and discuss our goals for the year.

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