Tuesday, June 06, 2006


This morning was total chaos.
Maybe that is what made me run upstair and change into my running clothes on my way out the door. Yes it added to the chaos temporarily, but gave me a release in the end.
Redfish, bless him, let me run. I drove Mr. Preschool's SUV to the Vita Course because the giant jogging stroller won't fit in my subcompact. It was a beautiful day, but I still couldn't believe how many folks were out walking. There were groups of 60- and 70-year-old African American men walking 8 across. A woman, who looked to be in her late 50's with an oxygen tank and a walker.

Redfish ate animal crackers. I ran. Redfish ate Letter Cookies. I ran. Redfish drank juice. I ran. He was done after 2 miles. But I wasn't going to let that be it. I had an idea to run the next 1/2 mile, go over to the park at the Carilon and let him play then run back and finish my last 1/2 mile. Only one problem, OK, two problems. I forgot his shoes and I forgot my water.
So, I let him play barefoot. And I had his last swig of backwashed warm juice as my water.
When we got to the playground the SEAL Team was jumping in and out of the fenced play area. I watched in amazement. One of the women said, you know you want to do it, go ahead. Most of them had gloves on to keep from tearing their flesh on any loose wire fragments of the fence top fringe.
Yeah, she was right, I wanted to do it. So, I did. It was fun. But Redfish loved it! Loved watching Mama jump. He cheered me on. He tried to climb the fence. He was so excited I did it 5 more times just for him. Each time was harder though, and by number 8, I was done. Now my knees are kiling me. What was I thinking? So much for the Seal team. I think I'll stick with triathlons.

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