Sunday, June 18, 2006

Not Enough Time to Get Where I Want to Go

I still haven't signed up for a race. I don't know what it is. Maybe I know better than signing up for 2 races in 2 weeks. IronGirl is 8/27/06 in Columbia, MD. Sandman is 9-17-06 in Virginia Beach and is a personal goal for me to complete this race, ever since I had to give up on it back in 2002 when they delayed it due to the huricane and I couldn't make the make up date.
I'm just a novice, and just doing these for fun. But also, I know most of the triathletes designate A B and C races.
I guess 3Sports/Shady Grove on 7/23/06 (my birthday) is my C race
IronGirl is my A race (but I wish I had more time to train for it)
and Sandman is my B race, that I'm doing just cause I have to, for me.
But the schedule doesn't really make any sense. I'm fighting some demons, and I know me, I'm looking for an excuse.
Yesterday was a great workout, 22 miles on the bike and 1 mile running, but also, it was the kind of workout that made me realize how far I have to go. Up on the Capital One extention at West Creek, I bottomed out on the hill at 8.8 mph. I know if I'm going to do IronGirl it needs to be 11 mph, not 8. And, on the 1 mile run, I had to take a break and walk for a while after 1/2 mile. I want to/need to do the things that will make me prepared for the IronGirl race. I'm just scared, and worried that there is not enough time.
But you know what? This is a process. And completing the IronGirl can be a goal for this year, and getting a great time and running 3 miles straight after that extrememly challenging technical bike can be a goal for next year too.
Mr. Preschool was so sweet yesterday. He told me that I had inspired him to bike and get fit. I think he sensed that I really could use some encouragement. He said he had never been more fit in his life, and I helped him do it. He said that he never thought he could be the type who was really strong or physically fit at something. I'm so proud of him, now that he is. He has been biking to work every day. His 40 mile Father's Day ride today, makes my 22 look like a cakewalk. I guess that explains why he is crashed on the couch sleeping while I'm up writing this.
We both mentioned not having examples in our parents for physical fitness. And how much harder that made things for us as kids. Especially when it came time for the Presidential Fitness test, which wrecked havoc in our school years.
Redfish is inspired too. He got so excited on Friday when I pulled up at a light next to a cyclist, It made his entire day, when the guy pulled up his shades, turned around and said "hi" to him.

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