Thursday, June 15, 2006

I Belong

Something that has really inspired me recently is reading this blog Run Big, by Nancy Toby. Not only did she just finish Eagleman, beating her old time by an hour, but she just has the greatest attitude. Each of us has our own struggles as a triathlete, and I guess I identify with her becuase some of her struggles are the same as mine.
Just before her race, she wrote an entry about preparing for her Half Ironman race. So, the thing that stuck me is that she says to herself, I belong. I Belong here. When you don't look like everyone else, and you don't feel like everyone else and maybe you're even here for a different reason, it is so, so important to remember, I belong here. Because really anyone who can and wants to do the race belongs.
But, when your whole team orders race jerseys that match, and you just can't buy one because it would never fit, then, you feel like you don't belong. To fit the largest size tri top that Sugoi offers, a large, I would have to have a 30-32 in waist and be a 34C or 36B. Maybe if i quit breastfeeding Redfish and loose 50 lbs. ....
There is nothing like that to make you feel like you don't belong even if maybe you were feeling pretty good because you sucked it up and woke up at 5 am to run 5 miles this morning. Even if you did have to get there 15 minutes early so that you could finish in the same time.

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