Tuesday, May 02, 2006

YES, we share a bike.....

Ok, it's true. My husband and I share our road bike. I know, is that the most uncool thing you can think of? But, it is so practical. After all only one of us can ride at a time, the other one is watching the kids. Plus, we could get a much better bike then buying 2 crappy ones. Plus, we are the same size, same build (mostly).
Anyway, Bicycling Magazine had a contest for why they should give you a bike.....We felt like we had a pretty good reason. So, we had 20 words or less to make our pitch. How'd we do?

His Poem:
Asks Zoomer Boomer: "Sissy bars?"
Me: "My wife's -- we share a bike"....
shoes …
In my dreams, we ride together.

We shared caged pedals,
Then I'm pregnant --
I can't ride.
That's all it took.
He snuck new pedals on... Look!

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