Monday, May 08, 2006

Sweaty Girls Night Out

Last night was a Sweaty Girls Night Out. Strengh training, run, then go out and eat and have some fun, hoping no one else at the restaurant cares how sweaty and gross you are. We didn't anticipate that it would be freezing cold an pouring down rain.

I didn't realize how much I really needed to work on my core until last night's team strength training clinic. Ever try to put your hands on the floor, your feet on one of those excerise balls and just be a plank. Then, to make matters worse the actual exercise starts, if you can balance that long. Raise your butt 3 feet in the air, then to the plank again. Repeat 10 times! Ouch.
Good thing Mr. Preschool bought me an exercise ball at a yard sale this weekend. Now I can practice at home whenever I want.

After a strength training that just basically showed me how far I have to go, I didn't much feel like running it cold rain. I was on my way home to help Mr. Preschool put the kids to bed when my teamate M asked if I was running. "No, going home to help with the kids." (I didn't mention to her that Mr. Preschool had already insisted he didn't need any help). But anyway, that is when it hit me that she wasn't asking becuase she was curious, she was asking becuase she wanted to run with me. That was all I needed, just a baby excuse to run in the rain, and I had it. Someone needed me. M is one of the only other folks I can run with. Everyone else just runs past me. You know what, with my ipod on it felt pretty good to run in the rain, and I wasn't cold for long. We ran from Willow Lawn over to Monument and then down to 195 and back. I checked the distance in my car this morning, it was just a hair short of 3 miles. I felt kinda bad but M couldn't keep up with me. I hope it's OK that I kept on running. She'll be able to catch me soon enough.

I couldn't go to SuperStars with the team. Had already made plans with my mom's group. They were so sweet, didn't even complain about me being wet and sweaty at the wrong restaurant. That's what true friends are for.

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