Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I can't get away from it.....

When I'm running I still think about it. When I'm biking. When I swim. When I sleep. When I dream. Any time my mind is quiet. And now when I read the newspaper or watch TV, i'm reminded yet again.
I'm like a week behind reading the newspaper, but yesterday, in one of those old newspapers I read about how "Law & Order" used the plot line of the Harvey's murder for a show earlier this month. How tasteless. How upsetting.
It's not like we need to be reminded. I think most of us who knew the Harvey's, even casually, don't go a day without thinking about them.
Back in January when it happened, I kept thinking that eventually I'd be able to get over it, maybe even put it out of my mind. Now I know I'll never get over it.
How much of Richmond has lost their innocence forever?

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