Thursday, May 31, 2007


There are quite a few TRIgirls, including myself who are IRONSTRUCK.
TRIgirl Jones recently posted a link to this site, and in preparation for Eagleman, I have been reading it every chance I get....even if it means shirking the dishes and the kids!
So far, I've been focusing on the top 10 first time Ironman mistakes sections...and seeing that I have NOT made these mistakes (so far in my preparation) has given me a slight (and well needed) confidence boost.
So far, I think the best advice I've learned from this site in preparation for my first HIM is NOT to run in the transitions. It really won't affect your time too much in a 6-7 hour (maybe more) race, and rushing in transition can lead to costly mistakes. I'm relieved to think that I can walk the transitions if I want. Running in bike shoes always sucks anyway!
Of course, it doesn't hurt to learn about men's leg shaving either. In the Shave or not to Shave section. I'm looking forward to reading more in preparation for my race. And of course, the RACEDAY section is a must
Now that we are in the homestretch, I'm starting to think about things like:
Confirming my Homestay
Directions to race (and dinner)
Racking my bike the day before and checking out the swim
Packing my bag ( and remembering all this STUFF!)
Visualizing my race
The pre-race meeting with VITO the race director
Maybe going to the The Spinvervals Pro Forum with Troy Jacobson and Q & A with Guest Panel of:Natascha Badmann - Chris Legh - Desiree Ficker - Luke Bell
Missing my kids the night before the race, and being worried about them all day while I'm racing
Getting my derailleur cable tightened after having had in changed out yesterday at 3Sports (they usually stretch out after 2 rides
Getting a final test in on the wetsuit
Figuring out how I'm going to have the strength and endurance to pull this thing off.


TriGirl 40 said...

Thanks to you and TriJones for reminding me about this site. I remember reading it last November when trying to decide to sign up for IMFL. Seems like it would be a great time to go back to it to get preparation tips and calm the nerves!

Melissa said...

you sound liek you have your head together, jonah. let me know if there is anythign i can do to help. cheers!!!