Sunday, May 27, 2007

75 Mile Bike -- Saddle Sores Really are Real!

Yesterday was our last super long workout before Eagleman -- a 75 mile bike ride. Mr. Preschool had warned me that miles 60-75 would pretty much suck and well he was right. Particularly because for the last 15 miles I was confined to West Creek.
After a late start, Liz, Kate O., Lynn and I made our way out of West Creek. For me it was the for the first time this season. I had almost forgotten how great it is to ride early in the morning out in the country. The smell of honeysuckle was thick in the air. Everything had sort of the misty morning look -- It was so beautiful and it was all rolling hills.
From Patterson we turned on to 621 and then took Broad Street for about 1 mile and turned back on 623. After one 8 mile loop at West Creek, I was ready to leave and go out on the open road again. I grabbed my lil' sis Ann and we were off. We did another 18 mile loop on 621/623. Yes, it's true I told her, no hills, no traffic, smells like honeysuckle -- and it was true the last loop. This loop however, it smelt like manure and there were trucks pulling horse trailers and other traffic. I think her idea of a hill and mine are different -- but hey, at least we weren't in West Creek.
I was so proud of her. Until yesterday she had only ridden 18 miles. By the time we got back, she was at 45 miles! Ah, but the sad news was that she was done and now I had 30 more to go. I needed to find someone to ride with!
I hooked up with Lynn and Kate O. again and we rode and rode. Lynn gave me water becuase I'd run out and that was a true blessing, I dumped most of it on my head. A group of crit guys blew past me and I tried to hang on and let them pull me but I couldn't.
And then, before I knew it we were done. I checked my cooler for water and remembered I'd put a container of frozen pinapple in there. Man that was the best treat ever!
When I got home, I quickly learned -- saddle sores really are real and they suck -- especially when you pee. Hopefully they will be well healed by the time Eagleman gets here -- in 13 DAYS -- OMG!


jones said...

seriously - 75 miles?? that is AMAZING. i'm so encouraged by that and i hope that maybe this time next year i can be out there doing what you're doing - you are going to be great next weekend!!!

Cyndi said...

Sounds like you guys had a great ride!!! I can't wait to try the "new" West Creek loop!! Jonah -- it's less than 2 weeks!!!!!! AHHHH!

Cyndi :)

TriGirl 40 said...

Awesome job on the 75 miler - in Eagleman like heat! Did you wear tri-shorts or bike-shorts?

I can't believe Eagleman is less than two weeks away. 8P