Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Eagleman Weighing on my Mind

Two things have been weighing on my mind. O.K., way more than 2 things! The triathlon race dreams have started. I think it is all being caused by the fact that our coaches are making us race each other this weekend on our 28 mile bike. After that, I don't think I'll have much left for the 16 mile I'm planning on running 6 before the bike and 10 after.
My first response to the whole racing thing was "that's crazy!" why do they think they can pit us against each other like we are racing! I mean we are friends -- not competitors....that is SO taking it up a notch. But, I know how silly that is. The truth is that we are all in it to race -- even if some of us don't view it that way. Personally, I think -- well, I'm not going to win, so I'm not really in it to race. But the truth is we are all in a race. And Eagleman, more so than any other race I've ever done is a true race with serious competitors.
Nancy Toby, tells me that last year, the Athena's (150 lbs. +) had a primo spot in the transition area, racking next to Natascha Badmann (Six-time Ironman Kona Champion) and Desiree Ficker (last years 2nd place winner at Kona). They are slated to compete again this year at Eagleman and the thought of that is quite intimidating for an age-grouper like myself who is quite in awe of their accomplishments. I've heard that Badmann rides with ONLY aerobars on her bike....I'd kinda like to see that!
The other thing that is weighing heavily on my mind is that yesterday at our 2 hour brick workout I injured myself -- for the first time this season. It is really no big deal....basically I was just trying to catch TRIgirl Cyndi (impossible) and pushed myself a little too hard. I turned my ankle kinda' funny and although I knew I could certainly finish the brick, I chose to cut it short and go home and ice it because it was hurting with each pedal stroke. At this point in the season, I know it would be devastating (to my confidence) to miss a major workout like Saturday and if I did, it would make me doubt whether I was fully prepared for Eagleman.
The good news is that 2 hours of icing seems to have done some good. It was quite stiff this morning but is feeling only a little sensitive now, later in the day. At the same time, I can't believe how much not being 100 percent for a workout and how much cutting out an hour early affected me mentally. I guess it is a good thing that I'm pretty much a go by the rules girl. Because when I don't go by the rules and do a prescribed workout I feel like crap! Even if I have a good excuse.
On another note, we went to the pool yesterday, the first day of the outdoor season. The water was perfect for a wetsuit -- I'd say maybe 65 degrees. So, I'll be testing one out later this week. Too bad Daisy didn't have one for her swim. But, I guess she didn't mind too much because she was swimming around like a fish!


Nancy Toby said...

Don't worry, Natascha and Desiree will be long gone by the time we're on the course! But you probably can watch some of them come through T1 before your swim, though!!

TriGirl 40 said...

I hear ya on this whole race training craziness.

Glad to hear your ankle is feeling better - be careful and give it the rest it needs. You still have a few days before Saturday and a few weeks before Eagleman. You did the right thing cutting your workout short. Try not to let that bother you.

Anonymous said...

We all just do what we can do. And, considering we're all doing a 16-miler after the bike, I'm not sure who will really be racing. I'll be dreaming of the finish line and good food...
Take care of your ankle.


Anonymous said...

I don't want to race my teammates. I know this is a individual sport, but this really stinks.

Melissa said...

daisy is brave. my toe touched our pool yesterday and that was it!