Friday, May 04, 2007

Triathlon Training Tip No. 1

Eagleman Triathlon Training Tip No. 1.
You know it's OK to skip a workout (or half a workout in this case) when you ......only have 3 running bras and they are all in the wash. Not because you slack at doing laundry....but becuase you worked out that morning, you worked out the night before...and the night before that! And besides, it's raining out there.
Hmmm.... I guess if I was hard core I'd just put a wet bra on and bike in the rain anyway.....maybe someday, but not tonight. OK, How many of you were out there biking last night in the rain? YOU are hard core!


Wrenching Winz said...

I was so there :p

Cyndi said...

I was so NOT there! I'm with you girlie!! I know the rain makes you stronger -- but I rationalized by saying that it could also mean a higher chance of crashing and injuring myself. Whatever it takes to stay out of the rain, right? :D I did manage to run in the rain (since I really had no good excuse not to) and then rode on my trainer when I got home.


jones said...

see, now i wish i had gone and been hardcore. instead i had a horrible mental block of a day and chilled with RCAT, who is super sick right now. dangit. anyone up for a swim tonight?