Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Worst News....

I have the worst news....for me that is, not for you. This is life alterning. Things will never be the same again kind of news.
Redfish has given up his nap. No more blogging about workouts during naptime. No more talking to friends on the back porch or checking up on the news. No more sneaking out to the garage and getting a little cardio on the trainer in.....O.K. wait...I never got around to doing that, anyway.
Naptime is officially out the forgive me if I shed a little tear.
It was bound to happen eventually....But my little boy is growing up so fast.


Nancy Toby said...

I feel your pain!!!

Melissa said...

i wish i could get a nap time!

Cyndi said...

Awww, Jonah, I feel for you!! My Booger gave up her nap very early and it was heart wrenching. Not only because I lost that little bit of "me" time during the day but it was a real reminder that the "baby" days were over! Boohoo!

Cyndi :)