Friday, June 01, 2007

Eagleman 70.3 Homework

I've been trying to do my homework in preparation for Eagleman. I keep reading as many race reports as I can find from last year and years before with the hopes that I will garner some crucial piece of information that will make or brake my race. All the while trying also not to get freaked out by others mis-fortunes.
So far, I keep reading about wind, jellyfish and flat boring scenery. Jellyfish? What? I was told when I signed up for this thing that jellyfish weren't out yet. That it wouldn't be an issue...but then keep reading race reports of folks getting stung. God, I hope I don't get stung on the face.
Trigirl 40 is looking into buying some Sea Safe that we found out about from Nancy Toby...but there seems to be some discussion as to whether it would actually work.
So far I can say, I won't finish the race in 5:10 or 5:15 like these guys and maybe that is why the heat wasn't a problem for them. Plus they start a whole hour earlier than I will. I can also say that I'm happy that I won't have to drive and get stuck in traffic on race morning. And I'm REALLY happy that I'm not camping. It would suck to have folks packing up their car/gear while you were trying to sleep. And then sparking the race to the race, to see who can get set up first.
Entertaining stories aside, I will remember to rinse my feet well or at least try them and wipe them as best I can before putting my socks on. I keep thinking socks are the way to go for the bike and the run...but then that will mean no peeing on the bike (not necessarily a bad thing)...these final details and decisions are killing me!


Anonymous said...


I think the Grandison and the rest of the Ironpeople simply change their socks for the run - thereby allowing you to pee & wear socks for both the bike and run. Can you believe the discussions we have?


Annn said...

Oh, yeah, I'M the one with too much time on my hands.

TrigirlDL said...

I have used the Sea Safe when I dive and it does work. You can get it at any local dive shop in town.

Anonymous said...

Many triathletes forgo the use of socks altogether. However you should know that if you choose to do this you MUST first train without socks to see how your feet will react.