Friday, September 22, 2006

Why Would You Want to Do That?

One of my longtime workout buddies asked me why I wanted to do Eagleman, a half Ironman race. Which will probably take me 8 and a half hours. So after thinking about it, here are my reasons......

1. I feel great when i work out, the harder the races I do the more accomplished and self-confident I feel.

2. I Like experiencing new things. Taking risks is VERY hard for me. This is one way I've managed to convince myself to take risks. It is truly living life full and strong. You always feel so alive when you train and compete. And you ALWAYS have a story to tell.

3. I have fallen in love with the sport, but also with the people in the sport. There is something special about a triathlete....especially a long-distance triathlete. I like the team-family atmosphere and find it a great venue to make friends. I am my best self when I am training hard. Racing reminds me why I have been inspired. I love the culture, the feeling like I'm part of a group, the bringing up others, big brother aspect of the sport. I love being seen as a leader and looked up to by beginner triathletes (TriGirls) which is something I don't get very often. It is an image of me that I like, and can see more clearly despite what strangers and casual acquaintances may think of me based on my appearance.

4. I have struggled with my weight my ENTIRE life. No, really, since I was 3 or 4 years old. I want to be fit. I want to be healthy. I want to loose weight, and I know that right now this maybe the only way I can succeed at doing it. If not, at least I'll be fit and healthy(ier). My coach was telling me how athletes who workout and train (regardless of their weight or BMI) are so much healthier than skinny folks who don't.

5. Because I can, and so many people can't.

6. Because I want to set a great example for my kids and husband. No example was set for me. Ever.


Bianca said...

sounds like a fabulous list of reasons to me! saw your post (among the many), when i was leaving a comment on the blog of ironwil; so... thought i'd chk out the blog of another tri-mom. and... if anyone gives you any grief about your goal to complete the eagleman race... ask them what their life goals are... and watch as they stand there dumbfounded for a minute...:)

crazy tri mama said...

My favorite is #5. We are so blessed with able bodies. What better way to grab-hold of a blessing and use it! Keep on keepin' on!