Monday, September 11, 2006

Dear Wil,

Wil,You are my hero. Even more so because of how you raced. They took your chip from you when you didn't make the cutoff for the first half of the marathon. But still, through rain and pain, you made it to mile 19. You came so far, and you came so close to finishing. Folks keep telling you your an Ironman for real because of your spirit, and how you raced, but just not officially. Which is why I find it so ironic that officially, you are an Ironman. Officially, you finished. Officially you are an Ironman.

Last night I dreamt I was racing an Ironman. Something that I've never dreamt before. Actually, something I don't think could have ever entered my world of possiblilities before. Thank you.

Now, we will wait to hear your story.

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