Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What, No Peelers?

OK, so I just tried on a wetsuit for the first time. Yowza. Let me just say it is like a giant pair of pantyhose. Made out of rubber. I swore off pantyhose a long time ago for a reason. I hate them! I thought as a triathlete I could be one of those pants-wearing toughgirls who'd never have to subject myself to that sort of struggle again. Wrong.
And the problem with some of my triathlon knowledge is that it it comes from Ironman bloggers. I've just been informed that at the Sandman, there will be no assistance getting the damn thing off when I'm sandy and wet. No peelers, honey, that's just for Ironman races.
I'm not sure whether I should hope the water is warm so I don't have to wear the thing or if I should just hope the run to T1 isn't too long since running in the wetsuit won't really be a run due to the wetsuit's stiffness.
Regardless, I'm just happy I didn't have to pay $400 for the thing. Thanks to the Richmond Tri Club and 3Sports, Tri Club members can rent one for $25.
And then never have to see it agian.

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kozzy said...

Try taking it off in the water, it should slip off much easier then.