Sunday, September 10, 2006

Iron Wil

So, today's the big day for Iron Wil. She is conquering Ironman Wisconsin in the rain as I write this. She's been training for over a year. I'm so excited for her. And yet worried about her. Where she must be now that she is in the first half of her marathon. Where she must be in her head. What she must be thinking and feeling.
OK. I know she's strong. She's trained. She's trained in the rain. She's got rockin' good vibes from well over 100 of her closest blogging friends. So, I guess what I'm thinking is how alone I'd feel. And how I'd be worried about me, if that was me. Iron Wil is always the one who inspires me, gets me back on track. Reminds me of why I'm doing this.
What I want to know is how do you stay so focused on your race and stay so in the moment that you can still remember? I guess you just do. Maybe Wil can tell us when she gets back.

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