Friday, March 07, 2008

Swimming with the Masters

Well you know it was a good workout when it takes more than 24 hours to recover enough to post about it! (Actually, that is not entirely true, I've been really busy with some other commitments, so that accounts for the delay.)
Masters swim with Ironwoman Canada was awesome. She was really down-to-earth, had a good sense of humor and made a newcomer like me, feel welcome. Apparently word of mouth has gotten around Richmond -- and especially the TRIgirls about what an excellent coach she is. We took over the entire pool! Ironwoman Canada put me in the 2nd to slowest lane, so I could be with some of my TRIgirl peeps and not feel totally like a fish out of water. Actually, everyone in my lane was either a current or former TRIgirl.
We swam about 2,500 meters. (Well, except for the break I took to go find a drink of water because I forgot mine.) Let me just say, that won't happen again! I was wondering around the Y dripping wet, with no towel looking for a drink, and people kept telling me to go into the gym to get it. Not likely! I guess that is why I missed a whole 150 meters while I was gone.

Jason, my physical therapist, said not to overdo it and to increase my pool mileage slowly. I guess I overdid it just a bit -- as I'm still sore 36 hours later. It's just that one area near my chest that has been bothering me. But, I think the full extension is helping because this week instead of my ribs being turned posterior, he said they were turned the opposite direction and were anterior.
I fell right to sleep after the workout, but then awoke in the middle of the night, and couldn't sleep! When my alarm went off at 5:30 a.m. for my run, I hit the snooze. Only one problem. There is no snooze alarm on my watch. I scrambled out the door to the Thursday morning run, late, but still felt lucky to get a work out in. I turned it in to a fast 2 mile workout instead of the planned 4, because Mr. Preschool was waiting for me to get home so he could be on time for work.
Today, I'll rest and prepare for tomorrow's long brick.


Stef said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the watch idea/reference to Nancy's blog! I am going to tape my watch and see how things go.

Sarah said...

Where are you??? Come back soon!!!