Friday, March 14, 2008

Swimming to Swim

Swimming more and posting less. That about sums up my last couple of weeks.
The TRIgirl swims with awesome Coach Annie have started. I officially joined the YMCA this week and the Master's Swims with Ironwoman Canada and the rest of the Butterfly Girls continue to kick my butt. Friday mornings mean gym time for Redfish and more swimming for me at the Y with one of my super cool little sister TRIgirl J.
My chest/rib injury still bothers me...and based on how it feels I go back and forth between thinking I should go back to see Dr. Dec or just training through the minor pain I am in and making it through to the 4.4 MileCheasapeake Bay Swim and then hoping it will take care of itself as I ease back on my mileage. I continue physical therapy for at least a few more weeks, and whenever I find the time to do my exercises on my own I feel much better.
It feels great to have a race to focus on. Between training and reading Swimming To Antartica, by Lynne Cox, I feel much more confident about the race....but I also wish I had some kind of training schedule to follow. I know I need to do a few 7,000 to 8,000 meter swims in the next month or so, but the thought of doing that in the pool is more overwhelming than the actual race to me. Redfish and Daisy already keep asking me what that new smell is....and I know they are talking about my entire body smelling like Chlorine!


TriGirl Kate O said...

If you need more swim workouts/challenges, check out this link:


TriBoomer said...

Swimming To Antartica is a great read. I read it while training for Ironman Florida.

Stay tuned...