Saturday, December 22, 2007

Running for Real

I was so happy to run into Annnnn and Kate on Monument Avenue after my 90 minute bike at Maramarc. They were running the same distance I was, 6 miles, only they were 3 miles into the run.
I didn't think twice about running across the street to meet them. I'd only run one mile and I was already tired of the same Monument Avenue scenery. But, probably I should have thought twice, because they were running it all. Maybe slow, but running it ALL. I always run and then walk and then run and then...well you know.
Anyway, I managed to stay with them most of the time, until they sprinted the last few blocks back to Starbucks. After a big glass of water I continued my run alone and lonely. But, I had run with them for basically 30 minutes. That is really good news for me. Since I didn't know I all I need is someone to help me run like that 3 times a week.

I should also note that we stood up in cycling class for the first time today. I thought we weren't going to do that until January! Well, it was hard, but felt good. I miss my old Cannondale hoods to hang onto. The new aero bars are much lower and it's especially noticeable when we are standing in the sadle, but maybe something I'll get used to. The good news is that so far, I can do it.
I still remember so well, last January when I wanted to go home and cry after I couldn't do the workout we were supposed to. Well, we are not in January yet, so I may get that feeling again, but I'll work through it if I do. And, it'll make me stronger.

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