Thursday, December 06, 2007

imATHLETE Wants You!

A blogging buddy of mine, Jeff Matlow, (who also happens to be one of my favorite writers) just started a new website called imATHLETE. imATHLETE is a resource for athletes (especially triathletes) that will act as a sort of wikipedia of sorts, giving all sorts of information about the sport, including race reports, race listings, club listings, coaches and more.
This is where YOU come in! Jeff is looking for folks to contribute to the website. Got a race report you want to post? Photos of a race? Or do you know of an event that is not yet listed? All you do is create a login and ad the info to the site. You'll be helping other triathletes if you do and you might even learn something while you are there.
imATHLETE is still in its Beta stage. You are one of the first ones to know about it. Go ahead, make a contribution to the site, and check it out....then, pass the word along. Oh, and while you are there -- you can vote for me (and my blog)!

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